What I’m up to

  • Running Daccord, the leading developer and distributor of softwares for musicians in Brazil.
  • Making Aprendizado Acelerado a reality, to help Brazilians learn better and faster using science as my tool.
  • Writing at Estrategistas about strategy, life transformation and personal growth


Who am I and how can I help you?

I’m a marketing analyst, learning lover and strategist. I see myself as life-long learner and a problem-solver, for whom the entrepreneurial inclinations result from the desire of making an impact.

I’m founder of Aprendizado Acelerado, a Brazilian company which helps people to learn better and faster.

My life has been marked by some strong mindsets, which are better at explaining my previous experiences than any traditional self-narrative:

  • Take (even big) risks is okay if you protect the downside
  • Money isn’t evil and wealth is a strong sign of real-world impact.
  • Everybody can get more out of life if they set their mind to it.
  • Learn by doing and with the guidance of mentors
  • Over-promise and over-deliver

Living life through these mindsets has trained me to help people learn effectively, create amazing results for their businesses,  solve real-life problems and keep a productive and healthy daily life.

What do they say about me?

“Paulo is one of the sharpest minds I know at getting from problem to solution. It takes a rare combination of skills to be able to deeply understand a problem, conceptualize a solution, and then execute to make it a reality, but Paulo can do all three. He’s a pleasure to work with and brings every team up to a higher level.”

Zach Obront, co-founder of Book in a box.

“Startup Marketing is full of bullshit artists, and it is hard to find meaningful signal amid all the noise. Paulo is the exception that proves the rule: data-driven, determined, and persistent. With a truly strategic mind that sees twenty moves ahead, he would be an invaluable asset to any startup.”

— Skinner Layne,  co-founder of Exosphere

“In a world full of talkers and promises, Paulo stands out thanks to his dependability, creative thinking (that he actually puts to work), commitment to results, and ability to see through the bullshit. He played a big role in Exosphere’s early efforts to become known, and an even bigger role in persuading others to try our product. Simply put, we wouldn’t have survived the early uphill startup battle if it wasn’t for Paulo.”

— Carlos Miceli, co-founder of Jumplab

Do you think we can do business together?

Drop me a line and let’s talk! Right now I’m most interested in opportunities related to already established projects looking for growth.

But some of my most amazing friends I’ve met over the internet so I don’t underestimate it as a tool for creating meaningful connections. If you have interest in any of the topics discussed above, I want to hear from you.

You can shoot an email at me@pauloribeiro.co