Document your journey

What value in the world does it have to look backwards in a world where you’ll make a ton of more mistakes? Reconciling mistakes you’ve made in the past in a world where you’ll be making a bunch more seems like a waste of energy to me.

You learn from your mistakes, but who knows if I didn’t do that… everything is wired together. If I didn’t make that mistake, but would that have led me to that meeting which became my ultimate upside? You can’t unwind them. Everybody wants to unwind shit to tactics, that’s why I stay so macro.


Too many people try to make a narrative, the only narrative that works is your true narrative. So many people here fronting as experts, “coaches” to make stuff happen… you’re inspiring, you’re through the process, document!

Your best story, that will get more people to buy more jewelry than anything, is that you guys come out and say: “we’re just starting, we don’t know shit, we just know we want to put this out in the world”. People will relate to that, more than you’re saying “we’re this, we’re that”. Got it? The truth always wins. It might not be winning, this moment, this month, this year, but it always win at the end.

From “Don’t fall in love with an idea | DailyVee 162” by Gary Vaynerchuk

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